an artist or writer who seeks to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind 

In this case, a vivid dreamer who creates artwork based on her actual dreams. To delve into the subconscious is to allow one to really seize the potential of the mind. I never have to worry about my content being unoriginal because it comes from within, from the way my brain twists information into a stimulating visual image. I am fascinated with how neurotransmitters replicate and replace information, how they reroute and create new pathways. I am equally fascinated with the machinations of the human body and how cellular development creates flesh or disease. How amazing is this perishable shell that holds within it such spirit and wit.  My work is about dealing with all aspects of being me, from youth to motherhood, from desire to aversion, from new advances to facing the aging process.  My mind has no limitations, my work is limited only by my meager skills, but I’m not afraid to ask questions or seek answers and that’s what has kept me addicted to the process of making art for nearly half a century.  

Upcoming Events in 2020

Archival Oil Painting 1, starts January 17, 2020

This class is for anyone whether they have a lot of experience painting in oils or are just starting, but want to learn how to paint from an Archival and Chemically sound practice.

Archival Oil 1: (AO1) is a six week course dedicated to the first half of creating archival paintings using old master techniques along with modern chemistry and pigments. In AO1, we will focus on using the correct surface, priming it for oil painting, four main types of underpainting along with four main types of historical techniques for creating multi-layered and multi-faceted archival quality oil paintings. Students must take this course before they can go on to AO2, where they will explore the second half of the layering process for oil painting.

Classes will be held once a week on Friday evenings, 7-10PM in Studio 8K at The Hardy & Nance Studios. See Schedule below for more information.

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At Jerry’s Artarama, Houston: