Stäcy L. Smith

University of Houston, Houston, Texas

Bachelors of Fine Arts, May 2012

Area of Concentration: Studio Arts, Painting

Minor: Art History

Latin Honors: Summa Cum Laude


San Jacinto College South, Pasadena, Texas

Associates of Art, May 2001

Area of Concentration: Studio Arts, Sculpture


Art Flaxman Exiting Scholarship: May 2012




Menil-Fiesta Group Show: Coming up soon August 2013 at Inman Gallery, Houston, Tx: Curator Aaron Parazette and Gael Stack

Director’s Cut: LA SHOW: 421 Gallery, Los Angeles, California. Curator: Julie Zarate

Director’s Cut: Houston Show at East End Gallery, Houston, Texas,  Curator: Julie Zarate


Landscapes:The Intersection between the Physical and the Emotional, Austin Art Connections, Austin Texas: Curator: Julie Zeigelman

18 Hours, Juried Show (First Place), Meyer-Metro Gallery, Houston Texas: Jurors: Oliver Goldesberry, Sharon Lott

The Goldilocks Show, Austin Art Connections, Austin, Texas: Curator: Julie Zeigelman

Spring Student Show, University of Houston MD Anderson Library, Houston, Texas: Jurors: Susan Sutton, Curatorial Assistant at the Menil Collection, Katherine Veneman, Curator of Education at UH’s Blaffer Art Museum, and Dena Woodall, Assistant Curator, Prints & Drawings at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.


The Greatest Hits, The Senior Thesis Show, El Rincon Social, Houston, Texas: Curator: Katie Muholland

The Big Take Over, War’ Hous Gallery, Houston, Texas: Curator:  Leo Medrano, Founder of Role AFM.

New Texas Talent XVIII, Juried Show: Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, Texas: Juror: Marcie Inman, Director Irving Arts Center

Fictional 2: Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, Texas: Curator: Enrique Fernández Cervantes

MD Anderson Library Student Show, University of Houston, Texas: Jurors: Jillian Conrad, UH School of Art, Clare Elliott, Menil Collection, Lucinda Garces,  Booker Lowe Gallery, Katherine Veneman, Blaffer Museum, Dena Woodall, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.


Boarded Up, M-squared Gallery, Houston, Texas: Curators: Max Boyd Harrison, Owner M-squared Gallery, Nicky Davis & Kevin Sechelski, Co-Founders of Neopopstreetfunk.

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