Stäcy Smith (photo by Alex Barber; Hardy & Nance Studios)

“There is nothing more addicting, frustrating or gratifying than the practice of making art.”


Stäcy Smith is a native Houstonian and contemporary surrealist painter.  She is currently working towards her Master of Fine Arts at Houston Baptist University and will graduate in 2020.  In 2013 she obtained her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Houston with a summa cum laude and a nearly perfect GPA. Shortly after Smith opened her professional studio at the Hardy & Nance Studios and has remained an active artist in residence, helping to hang and curate shows along with volunteering her time to help neophytes learn how to properly label, wire and hang their work saving future curators from facepalming.


Currently she resides with her happy and supportive husband, Travis, and their two daughters Lalü (age 16) and Lylä (age 2) “surprise!” and an assortment of  aggressive and judgmental goldfish. Smith uses painting as part of her meditation to keep her from screaming at Houston drivers during her daily hour long commutes to either her downtown studio or the university campus from her home in Katy. A fan of acid rock, salsa and dub-reggae, she is frequently caught air drumming on her steering wheel or dancing in her seat while waiting for traffic to subside. Being the quintessential pink haired art geek, Smith has ambitions regarding changing the light based color wheel to one that is pigment based, and teaches a class on Thursday evenings in her studio on color pigment history.  You can view her work and delve further into her curious brain through her website: or follow her on instagram: @RedHeadedUnicornStudios

Self-Portrait of the artist with daughter, 20x20" Acrylic on Canvas, 2018.


Self-portraits of the artist from the beginning of her career to now.