Artist Statement

You know that feeling you get when you are floating in a dream? It’s a bit disconcerting at first, and then it gets familiar, warm… pleasant even. You might kick around a little bit, feel as though you are swimming in air. No weight, just a tiny bit of gravity to pull you back (just a little). 

In my dreams, I have been surrounded by seemingly anything: my bedroom, my gym’s sauna, a sidewalk near a waterfall in a country I have only seen in films. I dream that I am eating a cherry red Tootsie Pop while flying, and I can physically taste it (that saccharin sweetness enveloping my tongue), that familiar cadmium red. 

It’s that disjointed, but also warm fuzzy feeling that reminds me of being “in utero.” I like to think that I paint from within the womb, a creative space where things are growing at a rapid pace: a space that is utterly feminine and deeply spiritual. I paint these dreams in which I feel warm fuzzies, surrounded by familiar places. Sometimes, unfamiliar objects find their place. Other times, I have a little furry guide. Sometimes, it’s one of my daughters. No matter the guide, the dream is often distorted; thus the painting is still a bit juxtaposed with reality. It may be disorienting, but I can still taste the candy. The sweetness is visible in my colors. It’s that cherry Tootsie Pop in a cadmium red.