Master of Fine Arts 2020, Studio Arts, Houston Baptist University.  Merit Scholarship Recipient, Houston, TX.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2013, Studio Arts-Painting, University of Houston, Merit Scholarship Recipient, Houston, TX. 


Associates of Arts, 2001. San Jacinto Community College South, Pasadena, TX


Awards and Honors:

2020 Guest Juror “Art is Hope” Juried Show, The Farris Foundation, Sugar Land, TX


2020 Residency Award, Molzberger Academy of Art, Hilmsen, Germany.


2019-2020 Sponsored US Artist, Social Media Influencer, Derwent Pencils, England.


2019 HBU Essay Contest 1st Place Award for the Arts on David Alfaro Siquieros.  Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX 


2019-2020 Kristin Saleri Scholarship Award, Houston Baptist University, Houston, Texas


2019 1st Guest Artist/ Outside Educator, Millsap School of Art, Houston, Texas


2018-2020 Houston Baptist University Art Scholarship Award and Teaching 

                  Assistantship, Houston, TX.


2018-2020 Sponsored Demo Artist-in-residence, Jerry’s Artarama, Manager: Emily White, Houston, TX


2018 Curator: The Block Reunion Art Show- A survey of select University of Houston  Block Participants from 2011-2013.  The Hardy & Nance Studios Community Gallery.


2017 Post Harvey Merit Award, Jerry’s Artarama, Manager: Daniel Elliott, Houston, TX

2016 Co-Curator: Mashed Up Art Show, The Hardy & Nance Studios


2016 Co-Curator: Black and White Art Show, The Hardy & Nance Studios


2016 Co-Curator: 10×10” Original Art Show, The Hardy & Nance Studios


2013 Summa Cum Laude, University of Houston, Houston, TX


2013 Flaxman Exit Merit Scholarship, University of Houston, Houston, TX


2012 1st Place, 18 Hours (Juried Show) Meyer-Metro Gallery, Houston, TX: Jurors: Oliver Goldsberry and Sharon Lott


Solo Shows:

2019 Featured Artist: Stäcy Smith, The Proletariat, Curator: Becky Majors, 

Galveston, TX

2018 Reveal: Pop-up Show at Hardy & Nance Studios Community Gallery

2017 Inherent Meaning- Solo Show at Kohn’s Wine & Darts Bar: Curator Kohn


Selected Group Shows:

2020 Print Matters-Houston, Annual Fundraising Auction for Print Matters. Houston,

 TX: Curated by Print Matters-Houston

2020 Tagebuch-COVID19-Daybook, Mönchskirche Museum, Salzwedel, Germany:

Curated by Jim Edwards and Hans Molzburger

2020 Get Ready II, A group survey of the current MFA Candidates, Houston Baptist

University, Houston, TX: Curators: Kathy Bilyeau and Carlos Canul

2019 Get Ready, A group survey of the current MFA Candidates, Houston Baptist

                        University, Houston, TX: Curators: Jim Edwards and Kathy Bilyeau

2018 Pop Surrealism at The Hardy & Nance Studios- Curated by Blue One Thirty, Houston, TX

2018 Star Wars- May the Fourth Be With You- Curated by Dandee Warhol, Houston, TX

2018 Anti-Valentines Art Show at Insomnia Gallery- Curated by Chris Unclebach, Insomnia, Houston TX

2018 Mashed-Up 3 at The Hardy & Nance Studios. Collaboration with David Pilgrim, Collaboration with Robin Baker. Collaboration with Jon Diaz. Curated by Claire Richards & Heather Gordy

2018 10×10” Art Show 3 at The Hardy & Nance Studios. Curated by Heather Gordy & Claire Richards

2017 Just Ink #6, East End Gallery, Houston, TX.. Curated by Robin Baker.

2017 Strictly Hardy, Hardy & Nance Studios, Houston, Texas: Curated by Claire


2015 Squared Up, (Curator) Hardy & Nance Studios, Houston, Texas: Along with John

Davis and Mel Leow.

2015 This Mirror is Broken: The Art of Em Connor, Allison Currie and Stäcy Smith,

Hardy & Nance Studios, Houston, Texas.

2015 Red Show, (Curator) Hardy & Nance Studios, Houston, Texas 

2013 The Menil-Fiesta Project, Inman Gallery, Houston, Texas: Curated by Gael Stack

And Aaron Parazette, Professors of Art at the University of Houston

2013 Directors Cut, East End Studio Gallery, Houston, Texas  

2013 Directors Cut, Travelling Show, 423 West Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 

Curated by Julie Zarate

2013 Front Window Display, Notsuoh, Houston, Texas: Jim Pertle, Owner.

2012 18 Hours, Meyer Metro Gallery, Houston, Texas. Juried by Oliver Goldesberry

and Sharon Lott. 1st place

2012 The 5th Annual UH Libraries Student Art Exhibition– Juried Show. Chris Conway,

UH Art Library, Susan Sutton Curatorial Assistant of The Menil Collection,

Katherine Veneman, Curator of Education at UH’s Blaffer Art Museum, and Dena

Woodall, Assistant Curator, Prints & Drawings at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

2012 Group Show, The Joanna, Houston, Texas. Group Show, curated by: Cody Levina

 and Brian Rod

2012 Hello Everything,  El Rincon Social, Houston, Texas. Curated by Juan Alonzo

2012 Landscapes:The Intersection between the Physical and the Emotional, Austin Art

Connections, Austin Texas: Curator: Julie Zeigelman

2011 Fictional #2, The Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, Texas: 

2011 The Greatest Hits, The Senior Thesis Show, El Rincon Social, Houston, Texas:

Curator: Katie Muholland

2011 The Big Take Over, War’ Hous Gallery, Houston, Texas: Curator:  Leo Medrano,

Founder of Role AFM.

2011 New Texas Talent XVIII, Juried Show: Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, Texas,

Juror: Marcie Inman, Director Irving Arts Center

2011 Fictional 2: Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, Texas: Curator: Enrique 

Fernández Cervantes

2011 MD Anderson Library Student Show, University of Houston, Texas: Jurors: Jillian

Conrad, UH School of Art, Clare Elliott, Menil Collection, Lucinda Garces, 

Booker Lowe Gallery, Katherine Veneman, Blaffer Museum, Dena Woodall, Museum of Fine Arts

2010 Summer Studies Art Exhibition, Solo Show, The Pearl Fincher Museum of Art, 

Houston, Texas

2010 Boarded Up, Gallery M Squared, Houston, Texas: Curated by NeoPopStreetFunk, 

Nicky Davis & Kevin Sechelski and Max Boyd Harrison 

2006 ONE SHOW, Elder Street Gallery, Houston, Tx: Curated by Terrence Boggs and

 Martin De Vore

2006 “Mini-May” Group Show, Eastman-Smith Gallery, Houston, Texas.

2004 19 Paintings in 21 Days, Rick Smith Studio, Galveston, Texas

2004 Landscape Paintings, Rick Smith Studio, Galveston, Texas

Selected Publications:

2018 “Houston Surrealist Paints After Heart Attack,” RedPublication Magazine,, Houston, Texas, Dec 12, 2018

2018 Mitch Cohen, “Art Valet: A Harvey Retrospective, We Survived, Changed,” The

Leader News, Houston, Texas August 23, 2018

2018 Jesse Green, “The 7th Annual May the Fourth Art Festival,”, May 5


2018 Susanne Tommaney, “Cosplay and Star Wars-inspired Art dominate Houston’s 

May the 4th Festival” The Houston Press, Houston, Texas, April 26, 2018

2018 “Q & A with Painting with a Twist Houston Lead Artist, Stäcy Smith” Paint 

Party Experts Blog, Houston, Texas, Feb 16, 2018

2016 Joell Jamison “Judge for a day: The Big Show and Salon Des Refuses,” AEQAI,

Cincinatti, Ohio, Summer 2016

2016 “Hardy & Nance Studios Presents Salon Des Refuses Art Show,”, July 2016

2016 Mitch Cohen, “ Art Valet: Neighbor and Artist returns home for the Black and

White Show,” The Leader News, Houston, Texas, Feb 18, 2016

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University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, Texas January 2016

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2012 Karen Mazzu, “Successful art Splash by Students,” The Daily Cougar, April 30,


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Website, Feb 15, 2012

2011    Peter Simek, “This Weekend’s Gallery Openings,”, July 7, 2011

2007 “Show to Include Friendswood Artist,” The Houston Chronicle, July 13, 2007

2007 “Friendswood Artist to take part in Houston Show,” The Houston Chronicle, July

7, 2007

2007 “Art Gallery to host Opening Reception,” The Houston Chronicle, May 3, 2007