New Beginnings: New Studio: New Blog: New Work.

Well, I’ve done it. I’m finally a real boy! Just kidding. I have a new studio space at Hardy and Nance Street Studios in Houston, and I feel like I have finally completed a dream.  This was a goal I’ve had for a long time, to have a real studio space in downtown, it’s kinda like crossing the finishing line for me, transferring from painting in a space at home to going pro by having a space where other artists congregate and create on a daily basis, specifically for the purpose of creating art.  It’s a lot like being in block again at UH.  I haven’t yet met all of the tenants, but I have seen a lot of their work on the walls and there is something for every one here. It’s quiet, peaceful and Don, our landlord is awesome about responding to any silly question I might have. Claire Richards is here too, and she’s great with advice about the building, things as a newcomer I have no idea of or where certain things are.

"Serra," 12x48" Acrylic on Gallery wrap canvas. January 2014. Available for sale.

“Serra,” 12×48″ Acrylic on Gallery wrap canvas. January 2014. Available for sale.

Having taken the plunge, I’m swimming hard and strong, going through inventory of my work, updating things, and finishing things. First on my list was a small 12×48″ Acrylic painting that I named “Serra,” after the sculpture of Richard Serra that Em and I saw with her family when we travelled to Fort Worth last October.  It feels good to get out of the gate running and you all should be seeing a lot more posts of my work in the upcoming year.  Wish me luck!

Along with the new studio and the new work, Allison Currie, Em Connor and I have created a new collaborative blog where we discuss contemporary art.  Check it out when you have the time.

Until then, Keep creating!

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