Art ‘porn’: James Turrell Exhibit

Ok, so if you aren’t already in my close network of friends you may not understand the term ‘Art ‘porn.” So allow me to clarify.  We use this to describe the process of viewing works that excite us artistically, in essence… it’s our porn.:P

Yesterday was the first day I had off in a quite a while, so in typical Stäcy fashion, instead of spending it at home in the studio, I opted to go out and get some inspiration.  It started with a lunch meeting of Tricycle Artists, which include myself, Em Connors and Allison Currie.  We also invited Neri Gomez Brahm to join us as we caught up, and discussed plans for a group show sometime next summer.  After lunch we rendezvoused over to Texas Art supply where I picked up a great book on figures with Tattoos which I plan to use for some upcoming paintings and then we all headed to the MFAH to view the new James Turrell Exhibit.


Turrell is known for his works with light and space.  The MFAH has a tunnel that connects its two buildings that he specifically designed for them.  When you first walk through it, you have this odd feeling that the color you are seeing is actually a wall, but if you put your hand out to touch the wall, you’ll find nothing but empty air.  I cannot imagine how many people have walked off the main path and stumbled in that area which is why there is always a stern guard in that exhibit to tell you to stay in the center of the path.  Ever since this edition was made to the MFAH I have been a huge fan of Turrell’s use of three-dimensional illusion.

turrell tunnel


The exhibit was held in the older Caroline Weiss Law building on the third floor, and like Turrell’s works before that I have seen at the Nasher Sculpture Garden in Dallas, it did not fail to impress.  Moving from light to pitch black dark in one part to see a fascinating stationary light display was ethereal.  I captured a picture of Em in front of one of his displays.  The shape that she is standing in front of is entirely made of light.

em at turrell

I will be using this image at some point to create a painting… I just love it.

Well, time to get some work down now that I am fully inspired.:)

Keep Creating Art,


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